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 Season usually runs from May 1 - Second Weekend in September - Weather depending

Canoe, Tube & Kayak Rentals

Enjoy a leisurely day canoeing, tubing or kayaking down the beautiful Wisconsin River! Inquire about sandbars for overnight camping trips on the river.



Planning Your Trip

Paddling with the current will move you at about 3 miles per hour.  Floating and stopping on sandbars should be considered when planning a river trip. The canoes, tubes or kayaks that you rent are yours for the day if you go up river. You have until dusk to return back to Wisconsin Riverside Resort. 
Wisconsin Riverside Resort Does Not Shuttle Personal Canoes, Tubes, or Kayaks.

Canoe Trips  

Price includes life jackets, paddles & shuttle


  • 17' Aluminum with 2 seats
  • 4 Person Max or 650 Pounds: 780 Pounds with Gear
  • 3' Wide Near Middle

Kayak Trips

Singles Only. Price includes life jacket, paddle and shuttle.


  • 10' with open seat
  • 275 pounds max. weight
  • Small storage area     


Shuttle Drop Off Up River-End Destination Wisconsin Riverside Resort

Starting Point
Canoe Per Day
Kayak Per Day
River Bend
2 Miles
.75 Hour
Hwy 14
3 Miles
1 Hour
10 Miles
3 Hours

When you arrive at our facility and check-in, we shuttle you and your gear up river to your desired starting point. Your trip will end at our facility (and your vehicle) at your convenience; returning any time before dark. 



Starting at Wisconsin Riverside-Schedule a Shuttle Pick Up Down River

Ending Point
Canoe Per Day
Kayak Per Day
Otter Creek
6 Miles
2 Hours
13 Miles
5 Hours (2 days)

Down river trips begin at our facility.  Pick-up time and location are determined before departure.  Latest pick-up is 4pm Monday-Saturday and 3pm on Sundays.

Tube Trips 

Our tubes are cloth covered with bottoms. Price includes life jacket, rope and shuttle.




Shuttle to Drop Off Up River-End Destination Wisconsin Riverside Resort

Starting Point
Tube Per Day
River Bend
2 Mile
2 Hours
Hwy 14
3 Miles
3 Hours

We shuttle you and your gear up river and you float right back to our facility. Don't forget to rent extra tubes for coolers!
no pets

Things You Need To Know for ALL River Trips


Shuttles run on a first come first serve basis.  When your entire group arrives and you get checked in at the office, we will get you going on the next available shuttle.

No Glass Bottles or Containers

Possession of any glass containers is prohibited on the Lower Wisconsin Riverway.  Violators of this rule are subject to a forfeiture up to $739.00.

Deposit Policy

Wisconsin Riverside Resort requires full payment at the time of the reservation from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Cancellation Policy

Non-refundable within 7 days of reservation.  Prior to 7 days can cancel with the following fees:

Tube: $5 fee/tube

Kayak: $5 fee/kayak

Canoe: $10 fee/canoe


If your trip has to be cancelled because of lightning, high winds or high water levels; you will be given a full refund. Full refunds are not based on weather forecasts. However, if you are already out on the river, no refunds will be given for returning early.

Wisconsin Riverside Boat Landing

The boat landing at Wisconsin Riverside Resort is our own private landing located on our premises.  Depending on the river levels smaller river boats can be put in at our location with permission.  When river levels are low plan on using our landing for canoes, tubes and kayaks only.  The landing is located 1 mile downriver from Peck's Landing (Hwy 23).  After going under the Hwy 23 bridge stay on the right hand side of the river.  We are the first buildings that you will see after the Hwy 23 bridge.

Detailed River Maps

Maps from http://www.wisconsintrailguide.com/paddle/lower-wisconsin-river.html
Sauk to Spring Green   
Spring Green to Muscoda
Muscoda to Woodman

Boat Landing and Island Descriptions from wisconsintrailguide.com
Sauk to Spring Green
Spring Green to Muscoda
Muscoda to Woodman



Water Temperature

Check Water Temperature here

River Map Links 

River Map Upper

River Map Lower

Responsibility of the River
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no glass







Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

Do we have a river trip guide?

All of our river trips are self guided.

When do the river rentals start?

Shuttles run from 8am - 4pm Monday-Saturday and 8am - 3pm on Sundays.  If you are going to Blackhawk you must check-in by 8:30am.  The one and only shuttle to blackhawk leaves at 9:00am.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are allowed in a canoe.  

However, our kayaks are single person kayaks so most dogs will not fit comfortably in a kayak. Dogs are not allowed in tubes.no pets

Can you shuttle my personal equipment?

We do not shuttle personal equipment.

Do I need a fishing license? 

If you plan on fishing, anyone over the age of 16 is required to have a license from the DNR.  We sell them in our camp store or you can purchase online through the Wisconsin DNR website.

Can I have a campfire on the sandbars?

You can have a campfire on the sandbars.  State law requires that you purchase firewood within 10 miles of where it will be burned, as we are in a quarantined area. We sell firewood for $6 a bundle.

Are there bathrooms to stop at on along the river?

Some public boat landings have portable bathrooms.  Otherwise, remember that you are in the wilderness, choose your leaves wisely!  

Can I bring a cooler on my river trip?

Plan on bringing a cooler with food and drinks! Remember, NO Glass of any kind (bottles, jars,etc) is allowed on the River. Plastic and cans are fine, and bring a trash bag too! Don't forget to rent a cooler tube if you are tubing!

How old do I need to be to take a river trip?

There is no minimum age to be on the river, but anyone 12 and under is required by federal law to wear a life jacket!

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